SONG OF THE DAY Laucan – You Give Way

One of the very enchanting qualities about the music of Laurence Galphin, aka Laucan, is its ability to captivate with such little effort.  His sound resides in a dreamy folk-based world, incorporating nature into his very distinct style, where the purity of every guitar chord and vocal high is nothing but a delicate treat to the ear.  Cultivated from earthy roots and layering’s of glistening vocals, it’s not hard to get lost in the very natural space that Laucan’s music creates.

Raised in Lewes, Laucan is now signed to Radio 6’s Rob da Bank’s label, Sunday Best Recordings.  His debut EP was released earlier this year, closely followed by first album, FramesPerSecond which came out last month.

This glorious record is stunning from start to finish and for that reason its hard to pinpoint a stand-out track, but I like the transition in You Give Way and the way it subtly develops and builds.  Listen above and purchase your copy of FramesPerSecond from here. 

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