SONG OF THE DAY Nassau – Whatever Brings You Peace Of Mind

I can’t remember how I first discovered Nassau, but clearly recall being completely enchanted by their music when I first heard them in May last year.

Nassau is a collaborative recording project from Brooklyn-based songwriters, Justin Wilcox and Jeffrey Silverstein.  Brought together by the desire to create raw and honest music, the pair started out in 2015 with nothing more that a handful of riffs and half-songs and from this came last  year’s Hoss EP.

A couple of days ago Nassau shared a single from their new album titled, Whatever Brings You Peace Of Mind and it couldn’t be more aptly titled, for this soothing and reflective track is just what I need to level me out and slow me down.  The track is dreamy, calming and rejuvenating all at once and looks set reflect the mood of Nassau’s forthcoming album.  Speaking of the new LP, Silverstein described how:

This record was written and recorded throughout a series of big changes in both of our lives. Justin got married, I got engaged and finished a master’s degree, and we both began new creative endeavors. Throughout all of this — we asked both ourselves and each other a lot of big questions. We set out to make an album that represented the changes happening in our minds, our hearts and in our lives.

Nassau’s album Heron will be released on September 8th via Fire Talk Records

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