SONG OF THE DAY Orchestra Baobab – Kelen Ati Leen

Orchestra Baobab formed in Dakar in the early 1970’s, introducing a unique sound that was to become an instant hit!  Fusing together Latin and African influences, the band created a very different sound which quickly became extremely popular.  Many of the original members of the group were veterans of the well-known Star Band.

By the end of the 1970’s Orchestra Baobab were hailed as the best band in Senegal and perhaps even the whole of Africa, playing most nights of the week and constantly in demand!  To this day the band are still releasing on labels such as World Circuit and Mr Bongo.  Today’s very groovy afro-funk track is taken from their 1975 LP, Visage Du Senegal – Vol. 6. Get down to this and check it out above.

Order your copy of this single from Mr Bongo’s Bandcamp page here.

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