SONG OF THE DAY Braille Face – Run For Your Life

Just over a year ago I was captured and spellbound by a song called Because, a beautiful track that appeared on the debut album of Jordan White, aka Braille Face.

Braille face is a Melbourne-based producer and songwriter who creates what he has described as  “exploratory ambient pop.”  Last August we were welcomed into his introspective and atmospheric world via first album, Koya and now Braille Face returns with his first new music in 12 months.

Likened to Radiohead’s jazzy and electronic phase, new single Run For Your Life begins with what I can only describe as the sound of a spacecraft landing, whilst muted-machine-like percussion rises up though a tension-building melody.  As the vocals kick in the contrast of mechanical electronics and the smoothness of White’s warbling voice is discernible adding rich textures as the song shifts between effortlessly between the loud and soft instrumentation of verse and chorus.  Run For Your Life is trying to navigate through internal and external confusion to find a way out of the darkness.  Read below what Braille Face had to say of the song and listen above.

“I wrote this song after purchasing a beautiful old upright piano for $200 off Gumtree,” says White. “It was all out of tune after the move, but the micro-tones it was producing helped inform the song. My friend Pat and I picked it up from an older mother in Coburg after work one night and we shuffled it into his wagon. She thought her kids would learn to play it. But they never did.”

Listen to more of Braille face here. 

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