SONG OF THE DAY Curtis Harding – Wednesday Morning Atonement

I had a feeling in my bones about today’s song and don’t know if it was it the title of the track, or the title of the album (this you can see in the image next to the track above) that made me want to check it out, but whatever it was, I felt compelled to give it a little listen…and I like it a whole lot!

I’m not sure where I was hiding when Atlanta-based Curtis Harding released his debut album back in 2014, but somehow this singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist escaped my radar..until today…better late than never I always say!

Starting out as a backing singing for Cee Lo Green, Curtis Harding is a 70’s rock and soul-influenced singer originally from Saginaw, Michigan.  He released his first solo record three years ago via Burger Records and is to follow that up with Face Your Fear, his new album which has been produced by Danger Mouse on ANTI Records.

Wednesday Morning Atonement is the second single from his forthcoming album and it’s a big song with a gloriously vibrant feel that more than fulfils the promise that the glistening intro alludes to!  Its authentic sound is perfect for Harding’s dazzlingly soaring soulful vocals and the heavy funk-filled beats and gritty 70’s guitar captures an old soul sound marvellously! Listen above.

Pre-order the album at and check out the songs accompanying video below.

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