SONG OF THE DAY Big Bear Revue – Big Bear

Germany’s finest, Tramp Records is soon to re-release this monster instrumental track, which was originally issued on Philadelphia’s Cuppy label.  Aptly described by Tramp Records as a ‘beast,’ Big Bear is a force to be reckoned with and this big huge chunk of boogaloo-mod-funk will consume your ears in no time!…it’s sleazy, its funky and its got a big, big sound!

Tramps story behind this song goes a little something like this:

“We first heard about this 45 when it was offered on ebay more than ten years ago.  A sound sample accompanied the listing but we missed to save it onto our computer. Many years later we managed to get a copy of this disc without remembering the songs. All we had kept in mind was that one side was a really good funk instrumental. Finally, when we put the disc onto our turntable we could not believe our ears. What was coming out of the speaker was a beast. We remember it as it was yesterday. Hopefully you experience the same thing when dropping the needle to Big Bear for the first time. Pow!”

When I first heard Big Bear this evening I couldn’t help but think of The Graham Bond Organisation, it the big, brassy r&b sound!  Check it out above.

Due for release on the 22nd of this month, you can pre-order your copy of Big Bear from here. …and if you feel a bit flush, there is an original copy for going online for a mere £200!

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