SONG OF THE DAY King Khan & The Shrines – Torture

I’ve now come to expect that anything with King Khan in the title means fun, frolics and frenzied rock’n’soul!

I’ve dabbled in some of King Khan’s music, but have yet to own a single record…I will remedy this one day!  Last night I was round my friends and we were playing Saints Row on her playstation (for anyone who hasn’t played this, it’s very much like Grand Theft Auto)..but I digress… One of the things I enjoyed most about this game (apart from cruising about in a stolen car) was that it allows you to compile your your very own mixtape from its varied playlist and one of the tracks I’d heard previously that evening and had to include was King Khan’s Torture!

R-3291292-1431672556-9591.jpegOriginally released as a single in 2000, Torture also appears on ‘The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines,’ King Khan’s 2008 seventh studio record.  The album is a retrospective of their work from their initial 45’s through to the cleaner more sophisticated efforts of their last proper album, What Is?!.  What better album for me to start with than one that has been compiled from all of the best tracks from King Khan & The Shrines’ career so far!!

Torture features Khan’s melodic husky screams hurling out over an energised guitar-riff that speeds along with an accelerated bass line hot on its heels.  Its relentless pace hits you like a fireball and this track is nothing short of a thrilling trip from start to finish..Check it out above!

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