SONG OF THE DAY Delia Gartrell – See What You Done Done (Hymn No. 9)

I can thank the glorious John Peel for today’s song!  Radio 6 have recently been hosting a series of broadcasts highlighting some of the great moments from his shows, starting from the 70’s and going through to the 90’s and this is where I found See What You Done Done.

Released in 1971 by Atlanta-born Delia Dee Dee Gartrell, See What You Done Done is a protest ballad written and composed by Gartrell and her husband James T. Shaw, otherwise known as The Mighty Hannibal (he also released a Vietnam War song in 1966 with a similar name, but different theme – Hymn No. 5)

The song, originally released on the Atlanta label Demin-Kalois, is about the drug addiction associated with the Vietnam war and in an interview I found online Hannibal explained the inspiration for this song, describing how: “Me and my wife were watching the news and Walter Cronkite was talking about how all the soldiers were coming back from Vietnam addicted to opium”.

Check it out above and listen out for The Mighty Hannibal’s warm backing vocals!

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