SONG OF THE DAY Antibalas – Gold Rush

If ever there was a day I needed cheering up, today is it.. I’m blue with tooth problems and stressed with heart wasn’t even in finding a song tonight, I’m so preoccupied by discomfort.  Luckily I didn’t have to look far to find some relief, for a beacon of musical light shone though the cloudiness and brought me the healing sounds of Antibalas!

Courtesy of Daptone Records, this Brooklyn-based afrobeat collective have just released new album, Where The Gods Are In Peace.  Consisting of five tracks and lasting for a brief 35 minutes, the last three songs make up the Tombstone trilogy.  First track Gold Rush is a glorious ten minutes long and these blissful moments pass in a flash, sucking you into a hypnotic world where time is marked by funky jazz melodies, bendy guitars and loose percussion.  Horn sections are gripping with their mesmerising and uplifting solo’s, vocals are bracing, whilst drums mark time and punctuate with energised rhythms that sound like a pounding heartbeat…

True to classic Afrobeat’s potential to tackle dire social and political issues via cathartic party music, Antibalas emphasised positivity and hope in their statement about the album stating how,  “We are still very much a political band, but as we mature we present and pay homage to the deep courage of our ancestors, we express a message of peace, harmony, and dance, and we take a hard look into the past while forging a future of solutions.”

Bliss out to the beautiful sounds of Gold Rush above and grab yourself a copy of Where The Gods Are In Peace from here. 


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