SONG OF THE DAY Cristobal And The Sea – Goat Flokk

‘Exitoca’ is a trip into an alternative reality where humans care for each other and the environment, value sensual experiences and dance their troubles away…Christobal and The Sea

London-based Christobal and The Sea consists of band members from Portugal, Spain, France, Egypt and the USA, so it’s no wonder their sound is so interesting, colourful and diverse!  Bringing together a range of influences from Brazilian tropicalia to Syrian pop, the band present a truly global vision. This vision is to create music that will unite and bring people together in a world where we are being driven further apart.

In three days time the band are to release new album Exitoca and as described on their Bandcamp page:

The title is a reference to the genre known as Exotica, which represented the escapism dreams of a generation of American salary-men and housewives in the 50s and 60s. Their desire was to move to an uncomplicated Pacific paradise; something that captured their own creative needs rather than the actual physical environment they found themselves in. Cristobal and the Sea’s ‘Exitoca’ is the attempt to free that dreamer movement from the grips of it’s privileged background and reclaim it for those who need it most now. 

With this title Cristobal and The Sea are reclaiming the term for those who most need it now; for those that have become scattered across the world, who find themselves displaced by conflict, political strife or environmental issues.

First single Goat Flokk is a bouncy little number with a melodic flowing lead and contrasting half-spoken vocals, fusing together Brazilian and Syrian influences.  The accompanying video (which you can watch below) was directed by new band member, Elliot Arndt who explained the video by describing how,  “I wanted to create a sort of psychedelic and cinematic enigma by suggesting links between the characters and their actions yet never really giving anyone the satisfaction of knowing what the hell is going on. The song really just called for something surreal, fast-paced and random and that’s just what we went for.”

Available on the 22nd September via City Slang, pre-order your copy of Exitoca from here.

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