SONG OF THE DAY Isaac Gracie – The Death Of You & I

Up until last night when I switched on the radio in my car (for the first time in ages), I hadn’t heard of Isaac Gracie and had no idea what was about to unfold when this curious song began to play.

The intro to The Death Of You & I was really laid-back, sauntering in with a smooth guitar melody that somehow reminded me of an old 1967 garage-psych track that I love (you may or may not see what mean?).  My ears had perked up and even though my journey was nearly over, I sat in my car totally intrigued as to how this song was going to unfold..and then the vocals started and out comes this crystal clear voice, a little gravelly round the edges, but rich in texture and inviting in tone.  A narrative begins and I found myself totally gripped because I was loving the simplicity of the lyrics and the way they conveyed so much with so little as they described a chance meeting between two people who had a history together.  In a vain attempt to avoid the surge of feelings this meeting has stirred, they engage in light conversation, but it is obvious that the pain is raw and the truth unavoidable as Isaac Gracie wistfully describes how “Nothing ever felt so real since the death of you and I.”  

What came next was a total surprise for me and I do love a good shocker in a song!  Exploding in an eruption of wild, crazed guitar, Gracie unleashes himself in an anguished outpouring of pained howls and at this point I’m thinking, what the hell? But this is more than just a gratuitous grungy break in an otherwise calm song, this bit actually sent a shiver down my back and for that moment I was lost in his inconsolable cries, I felt his pain and sat there for a few moments after the song ended just getting my head round what had happened!..and with each listen, this song just gets more appealing and the changes in pace become even more attractive (listen to the way it changes again about 3 minutes in, I love this bit too!!).

Isaac Gracie emerged in 2015, recording his first ever songs in his bedroom, rising to fame with help of BBC introducing.  At just a little over 20 years old, Isaac Gracie writes with a maturity far beyond his years, opening his heart to the idea of internal struggles never-ending and writing songs about what lies truly in his soul with a fearless honesty that openly reflects his own personal struggles.

Now signed to Virgin, Gracie is to release his new EP tomorrow and today’s explosive song is the title track from this record.  If you are already a fan of this young artist, I apologise for preaching to the converted but if, like me, you hadn’t heard of Isaac Gracie, I hope this song impacts you the way it did me! Check it out above…


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