SONG OF THE DAY Isaac Gracie – Last Words

I am so impressed by this little fella, his music really has reached out and grabbed me…  Some music penetrates just that little bit deeper, resonating with a line, a word or the conviction with which it is portrayed and with Isaac Gracie this is so much the case, I feel every tuneful and heartfelt word he sings and that is quite special.

I’m not the first or last person to be ranting about this relatively new artist, after all, he is now signed to Virgin and has been championed by BBC Music Introducing after emerging in 2015.  The only thing I hope and pray is that the certain something he possesses, albeit the rawness, anguish and honesty which drives him to write, is not lost in a world of polished and refined productions, where the edges have been smoothed down.  Isaac Gracie broke into the world of music with imperfect and jagged edges and it would be nice if he stayed that way.

Heavily influenced by the majestic Jeff Buckley, Isaac Gracie writes with a maturity far beyond his years, opening his heart to the idea of internal struggles never-ending and writing songs about what lies truly in his soul with a fearless honesty that openly reflects his own personal struggles.  In fact, if you told me he had been possessed by an old soul I would happily believe you, rather than this is the music of a young man barely over 20 years old!

Originally I was going to feature a track from the new EP  The Death of You & I, which came out yesterday (and if you haven’t heard the title track yet, you really should check it out…it’s something else!! Listen to this on my page here, I featured it a couple of days ago).  But what I really can’t get enough of is the song that gave him his first break, the song he wrote from his bedroom in 2015 using only Apple’s GarageBand software.         Last Words is so completely stunning, beautifully crafted and movingly scripted with a gorgeous rustic blues-folk feel that sounds authentically old and certainly not something such a young soul would concoct… Check out a live version of  Last Words above and forgive me for sneaking in another Isaac Gracie tune from his new EP (see below)..I couldn’t resist it!


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