SONG OF THE DAY Ralph Lundsten & The Andromeda All Stars – Horrorscope

This wacky little track came to my attention the other day and at first I couldn’t put a year to it and it reminded me of the first time I heard Pink Floyd’s Set The Controls For the Heart of the Sun.  

I love the beat to this and was pretty convinced that someone, somewhere would’ve sampled this track, so I checked it out and I was right.  In 1999 Ralph Lundsten & The Andromeda All Stars Horrorscope was sampled by the Polyrhythm Addicts in a song called Nervous Breakdown.

Ralph Lundsten is a rather interesting character who I’ve only really just discovered!  Born in Sweden on 1936 he was an artist, author, film director and electronic music composer!  His extensive music creations span over decades, with his earliest release in 1966 and most recent, 2008.  Since 1959 he has lived an independent life, creating his own personal music language as well as preparing original films and exhibitions.  During the 1950’s he even built his own electronic musical instruments and is known as one of the first pioneers in this field!

Horrorscope appears on Ralph Lundsten’s 1979 Alpha Ralpha Boulevard LP and is a hypnotic trip into a world of curious sounds, mind-bending bass and superbly funky beats!  I love the timeless sound this track possesses!.. Check it out above.

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