SONG OF THE DAY Frank Deaton – I Believe To My Soul

 A couple of days ago you may recall me featuring two versions of I Believe To My Soul, the first was a cover by The Animals and the second was the original by Ray Charles.

However, I had heard another rendition of this track on a radio show and was desperate to identify who had recorded this particular version but there was no track listing to help me identify it.  Nevertheless, I was determined to solve this mystery and have just revisited lots more Youtube videos and I am soooo happy to say that I have finally found it!!

This Rockabilly gem was released on Target Records in 1960 by Frank Deaton and the Mad-Lads and came out a year after Ray Charles released the original.  This was officially the first cover of I Believe To My Soul and I absolutely love it!  I’m so chuffed to have finally tracked it down!…So, yes, this may be the third time I’ve featured this song in a week, but you can’t blame me, it’s a beauty! Listen above.

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