SONG OF THE DAY Blood Wine or Honey – The Forest Is Expecting You

At just over seven minutes long today’s song utilises every minute perfectly, enticing you in right from the start with a curious fusion of gripping sounds and heavy rhythms.  The intro alone lasts over two minutes and gradually builds upon inviting layers of echoing industrial beats, electronic effects and a hypnotic sax melody.  Vocals commence and intriguingly open with the line, they all scare me, the animals, we’re all clinging to the chaos and moss.

The Forest Is Expecting You is the new track from Blood Wine or Honey, a Hong Kong trio who, “surrounded by the smell of dried fish, the throb of heavy machinery, and the humidity of the South China Sea,” creates a stimulating blend of tribal rhythms, electro-psych and afrobeat.

The band met a few years ago in Hong Kong after moving to the city with their families and it quickly became evident that they were going to get creative together.  Consisting of  Shane Aspegren, Joseph von Hess and James Banbury, each band member is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, with Shane on drums, electronics, and synths, James on keyboard, bass and cello and Joseph on sax, winds, percussion and “whatever makes a good noise.”  Prior to their coming together, each member could already boast their own extensive musical background with James playing cello and keys for The Auteurs, Richard Ashcroft and Talvin Singh, Shane had toured globally as part of indie band The Berg Sans Nipple whilst working on numerous solo projects and Joseph had DJ’d in his native UK as well as playing clarinet for the gypsy jazz duo, Head Clowns.

Blood Wine or Honey are to release their new EP Loosefoot at the beginning of next month and ahead of this have shared The Forest Is Expecting You which I have found to be a rather compelling listen! Check it out above and see what you think!

Pre-order your copy of Loosefoot from BWOH’s bandcamp page here. 


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