SONG OF THE DAY Tremor – Resplandor

Image may contain: 3 peopleSome songs just sink instantly into your head and nestle themselves away like they’ve been there for years! Today’s song had that effect on me and within the very first few seconds I took to Resplandor immediately!

Originating from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tremor are an innovative three-piece that create experimental and cutting edge electronic compositions whilst delving into the worlds of South American folklore.  The band, consisting of Leo Martinelli, Camilo Carabajal and Gerardo Farez, have been together for over a decade and specialise in experimenting with technology whilst exploring Latin American customs and traditions.

ZZK Records have just announced the long-awaited return of Tremor with the first single from their new EP titled Resplandor.  Aptly translated as Radiance, this sweet-sounding song has a “huayno rhythm with eastern reminiscences in the melody and a hip hop vibe on the bombo legüero drum.  The theme of the song is gestation, the underwater environment we travel through before coming into the world”.

Described as delicate, introspective and psychedelic, new EP Ave Reina Mora is expected to release mid November with first single Resplandor available now.  Order your copy of the EP and single from here. 

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