SONG OF THE DAY Rainwater – Rolling Train

With band members hailing from New York (Aviva Stampfer, Dane Zarra, Neil Acharya, Patrick Curry) and Seattle (Amy & Drew Fitchette, Jesse Botello, Storm Benjamin), Rainwater are a group of musicians that create one sound from a multitude of influences.

Releasing their debut album Swimming in Sunlight early last year, the band have been exploring new realms with their forthcoming EP which is due early next month.  Moving away from the familiar bedroom dream-pop of previous works, Place is a collection of songs heavily inspired by the Ethio-Jazz of Mulatu Astatke, Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks score and the songwriting of Neil Young and has been described by Rainwater as “a document of a cross-country move from New York City to the Pacific Northwest.” 

Delicious, feathery drums, glittering guitars and wistful thoughts of escaping to far away places are waiting to be discovered in the spacious sounds of the EP’s first single.  Rolling Train takes you on a journey and frees you from the ordinary, giving flight to fanciful dreams and yearning desires to break free, to be somebody else, somewhere else and to explore the growth and vision this freedom nourishes.  If only for a few moments, this song is the perfect way to escape…Check it out above.

Place is due on November 3rd via Furious Hooves  and you can pre-order your copy from here. 

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