SONG OF THE DAY Things To Come – Speak Of The Devil

No prizes for guessing what has inspired tonight’s song choice!! I mean, how can it get any better?  Here we have a classic psych track with a Halloween theme and if that doesn’t marry two of my favourite things, I don’t know what does!!..and it’s not even Halloween yet!!

To celebrate All Hallows Eve, Eve I present the delirious sounds of the Things To Come and their spooktacular, sinister and manic-satanic Speak of the Devil.  Originally released as the B-side to Sweetgina (yes, all one word!) in the October of 1966, this 45 was the band’s first release after they emerged from Southern California earlier that year!

The group’s original line-up included lead singer Steve Runolfsson, drummer Russ Kunkel (who would go on to become a top session man), and bassist Bryan Garofalo (also a future session man and a member of Glenn Frey’s band since 1982).  Unfortunately, however, the band only recorded three singles in their brief lifetime and most of their work remained unheard until a 1994 CD reissue!! that’s got to be the horror story of the day!! Anyway, this song has suitably quenched my Halloween thirst for the day so my dark mission is complete…until tomorrow!  Speak of the Devil if you dare and listen above!

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