SONG OF THE DAY Ibrahim Maalouf – Will Soon Be a Woman

I heard this track a while ago and could’ve sworn I featured it there and then, but somehow it’s slipped through my net, so I am posting this today!

Will Soon Be a Woman is an enchanting instrumental track recorded and released by Ibraham Maalouf on his 2011 Diagnostic LP.

Ibrahim Maalouf is a French-Lebanese trumpet player, composer, arranger and teacher who began studying the trumpet at the age of 7.  Taught by his father, Nassim Maalouf, who himself was a student of professor Maurice André at the Paris Higher National Conservatory of Music and Dance, Ibrahim was introduced to the techniques of classical, modern and contemporary repertoires, as well as classical Arabic music and the Arab art of improvisation and style.  An interesting fact I’ve also learnt about Ibrahim is that he plays a trumpet with four valves instead of three, which helps him articulate the quarter tones essential to a range of non-Western music.  Will Soon Be a Woman flows elegantly upon graceful, fluttering percussion and the melodic fusion of piano and trumpet.  It’s a gorgeous way to while away five minutes and if you check it out above you will see what I mean.


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    Thanks for sharing all of your experiences!

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