SONG OF THE DAY Water From Your Eyes – We’re Set Up

Making a dramatic entrance, there’s no messing about with today’s song, it just gets stuck immediately!  Kicking off with some crisp, bold, buzzy beats and a driving, hypnotic bass line, soothing vocals saunter-in to provide a calming and entrancing balance.

We’re Set Up is a track by US duo, Water From Your Eyes and is to appear on their forthcoming album, All A Dance.  Split between Chicago and New York, the pop-dance project of Nate Amos (Grandpa Bay Recordings, Opposites, This Is Lorelei) and Rachel Brown (Thanks For Coming) defies this long-distance partnership to create something warm and familiar.  Defined by 80’s post-punk and 90’s dream-pop influences, We’re Set Up is a fine blend of intriguing dream-pop and upbeat electronic dance.  Check it out above.

Long Days, No Dreams releases on 18th January 2018 via Exploding In Sound’s tape club and can be pre-ordered from here. 

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