SONG OF THE DAY Good Good Blood – Will It Be Forever

UK singer-songwriter James Smith, aka Good Good Blood, writes music from the heart that is both honest and sincere.

His minimalist, DIY approach allows his songs to breathe and take on a natural, earthy form, resonating with a sound that is both nourishing and familiar.  Through home recordings and self-production James has mastered the art of drawing upon his own resources to attain his very own unique sound and gains inspiration from his inner world to bring all of his songs to life stating how,  “Each one is a testament to the beautiful messiness of life, love and everything that goes with it”

Yesterday Good Good Blood released his second album Sun Of A Gun which continues in the same autobiographical nature as his previous works, but this time things get a little bit more upbeat and optimistic.  Written and recorded at home during the first flushes of spring, these 11 well-crafted songs reflect the birth and beauty of this time of year, each song generating a sense of promise, hope and optimism.

Will It Be Forever is gentle and optimistic, radiating warmth through its delicate melody and mellow vocals; understated and yet powerfully reassuring.  Listen above.

Sun Of A Gun is out now via Fox Food Records.  Grab your copy from here. 


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