SONG OF THE DAY Marie Modiano – Guérir ma colère

a2351414936_10Today’s song is the product of an extensive night of music searching and is a random find that has got right into my head!…

Marie Modiano is a French singer/songwriter, lyricist and composer who has been releasing her music since 2006.  After studying acting at the Royal Academy of London she landed a supporting role in a French film directed by her sister called La Vie privée and has also performed on stage.  Her talents do not end there, however, for Marie Modiano has also a novelist and, alongside a book, has also had some poetry published; but music is now her focus…

Her latest project is her upcoming album, Pauvre chanson (translated as Poor Song) which is due for release in February 2018.  Ahead of its release comes Maria Modiano’s stunning new single, Guérir ma colère (Heal my anger).   It’s locomotive, low-key rhythm is accompanied by suspenseful strings that dramatically rise and fall, eased by a soothing melody and captivating vocals.  It’s inviting, curious and charming, getting stuck into my head immediately! But I can’t end without mentioning just how much a section of Guérir ma colère (53 secs in) reminds me of Damian Jurardo’s On the Land Blues (about 35 secs in)….very random I know, but its been bugging me all night so I had to share this!! Check out Guérir ma colère above.

Order Pauvre chanson from here. 

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