SONG OF THE DAY – 5 SONGS FOR CHRISTMAS! (& for the next 7 days! – Christmas corkers!!! )

I may not be the worlds most Christmassy person, nowhere near to be honest, but I’m taking a little seasonal break and thought that a little selection of Christmas songs would be a nice gift to leave you all!  I’ve tried to stray off the beaten track to find something a little different, but ultimately this little festive-five playlist consists of Christmas songs that rock my baubles! Enjoy!

See you all on the 28th December!!…………………

1. The White Stripes- Candy Cane Children

Candy Cane Children was released as a single in November 2002 and also featured in the independent holiday-themed compilation Surprise Package Volume 2, released in 1998. The album title is a reference to die-hard fans of The White Stripes, who are called “Candy Cane Children.”  The track was also reissued via Jack White’s label, Third Man Records in 2011!

2. The Growlers – Lonely This Christmas 

Brooks Nielsen and co. have taken on Mud classic Lonely This Christmas, with the recording stemming from last year’s Christmas show at The Wiltern.

The release is accompanied by a recording from the same show of fan favourite Feelin’ Good, with a choir accompanying the band on both tracks.

3. The Soul Saints Orchestra – Santa’s Got A Bag Of Soul

Guaranteed to get the ‘bah humbug’ out of any Christmas  gathering, this hidden funk gem is a raw slice of Christmas cheer. Though it has a distinctly retro feel, the song was actually released in the mid-90’s by the German collective The Poets of Rhythm, under the pseudonym The Soul Saints Orchestra.

Good luck finding an original though – there were only 250 copies created!

4. Elvis Presley – Merry Christmas Baby

This lesser-known 1971 record has historically been eclipsed by the juggernaut of 1957’s Elvis’s Christmas Album (which sold 20 million copies, and still holds the record for the best-selling Christmas album in history). But Presley’s later effort really deserves more airtime than it gets. The cornball brilliance of his “Silver Bells” is unmatched, and the slouchy, burning blues of “Merry Christmas Baby” with Chet Atkins on guitar, Floyd Cramer on keys, and Charlie McCoy’s harmonica is pure genius.

5. The Sonics – Santa Claus

The Sonics festive offering, Santa Claus, is pure vintage. Musically it could be any one of the songs from their discography with its gruff garage-rock guitar, but the lyrics are the give-away that it’s a Christmas tune.  The track appears on The Sonics debut studio album, Here Are The Sonics, which was released in 1965!



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5 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY – 5 SONGS FOR CHRISTMAS! (& for the next 7 days! – Christmas corkers!!! )

  1. Kirsten says:

    Love these Christmas songs!! Here’s another song for you to check out… It’s a new Christmas song called North Star by Robb Murphy. Maybe something for next year’s list of Christmas songs? 😉


  2. Sooo happy you are finding lots of songs that you like! I’ve just listened to Robb Murphy and have found it a most pleasurable listen!
    Thank you Kirsten 🙂 It will be perfect for Xmas!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kirsten says:

    Oh yes, I’m a big music lover too and love all kinds of music from classical to rock and everything in between. So good to hear that you checked out Robb Murphy’s music. Thank you! You may have seen on the about page of my blog that I’m working with Robb… Hope you will visit every now and then and check out the blogs I’m writing about all things happening behind the scenes. Thanks again for taking time to listen! It’s much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Me too Kirsten! I love music and love finding new music, old music and anything that makes my ears happy!! I will def keep an eye on your blog! It would be interesting to know what you do/how you got into this work too? Thank you too for checking out my blog, I appreciate that lots also! 🙂


  5. Kirsten says:

    That’s good to hear, it’s great to find new music isn’t it? Here’s something you should check out too…it’s an artist from The Netherlands…think you will love this:

    I’ll send you a message through your contact page! Nice to be in touch! Happy to tell you more!


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