SONG OF THE DAY The Growlers – Drinkin’ the Juice Blues

I’ve been reflecting over this year’s music today and have concluded that its been a proper juicy one for new and interesting sounds! I’ve spent a week away over Christmas with little or no music so re-absorbing myself has been a treat!! I had fully intended in featuring something new from 2017, thinking that would be the perfect end to the year, but got sidetracked by The Growlers as I often do and looked no further!

Today’s song is one of the very few cover songs by The Growlers.  The original is titled Aldhechen Manin (see below) and is originally sang by Tinariwen in their mother languate, Tamasheq.  To get round the language barrier The Growlers made up their own lyrics from scratch! Tinariwen and The Growlers have also performed together back in 2014 as part of Tinariwen’s North American tour when the bands got together for one dynamic night of psychedelic rock at the Belasco Theater in L.A!!…that would have been one show to see!!!!  Listen above and hear the original below…and Happy New Year!!!

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