SONG OF THE DAY Chick Willis — Sometimes Soon

If it wasn’t for the hard work of labels such like Germany’s Tramp Records, so much good music would simply disappear in obscurity and that would surely be a tragedy!  This is why labels that dedicate their time to reissuing and rediscovering lost and forgotten gems should be greatly revered and for this Tramp Records, I salute you!

2018 sees Tramp records celebrating their “40th trip around the sun” and to help kick off the festivities the label are to release the ninth volume of their “Movements” series on 2nd February.  Over a hundred great unknown songs have been re-released on the first eight volumes in the “Movements” series, the majority of which can not be found elsewhere and Vol. 9 is no exception.   As with their other 8 previous volumes, this new record is brimming with Rare Groove nuggets that were recorded between the early 1960’s and 1970’s and when they say rare, they mean rare! The fact that only “one of the songs on this album appears anywhere else is a jaw-dropping phenomenon” and this is a fact that Tramp Records are happy to boast about!

Chick Willis’ funk/soul corker, Sometime Soon appears on Tramp’s forthcoming “Movements” record and offers just over five minutes of gorgeous, heart-wrenching, soul-filled anguish which tenderly spills over with melodic brass sections, funky riffs and the soulful, anguished vocals of Robert Willis, a.k.a Chick Willis.  Check it out above and pre-order your copy of the latest “Movements” volume from here. 


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