SONG OF THE DAY Jack White – Respect Commander

This is the third time I have revisited this track and I’m still sitting here a little shell-shocked three listens in!  The contrast of chaos and calm is intriguing and this song keeps you guessing right from the start!  Even if this isn’t your cup of tea, I’d wager you’ll see this one through til the end just to see how it plays out!

Nice one Jack White, you have created a buzz of seemingly random sounds which all seamlessly piece together in a gloriously unpredictable and fascinating way!  This song starts with such a steady, slick beat and then accelerates into a crazed, fast-paced section which suddenly drops once again about a minute and a half in allowing this sleazy, bluesy riff to emerge from the ashes of the flaming intro… The transition between electro, rock and blues defies common structure and the erratic change between these styles shouldn’t work but it does….it really does!

Respect Commander is one of the first songs from Jack Whites brand new forthcoming record, Boarding House Reach.  This album is to be White’s third solo album and is to be released via his Third Man Records label on March 23rd and follows 2014’s Lazaretto.

According to a press release, the record finds White “expanding his musical palate with perhaps his most ambitious work thus far, a collection of songs that are simultaneously timeless and modern.” The album is also said to explore “a remarkable range of sonic terrain – crunching rock ‘n’ roll, electro and hard funk, proto punk, hip hop, gospel blues, and even country – all remapped and born anew to fit White’s matchless vision and sense of restless experimentation”.

Along with Respect Commander Jack White has also shared Connected By Love which you can listen to  here.  Listen above.


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