SONG OF THE DAY Jonathan Bree – You’re So Cool (plus “Blur”)

Now, if are anything like me and enjoy a walk on the weird side I have just the thing for you, so stroll on over and explore the cool and kooky sounds of Jonathan Bree!

With song titles like Tear Your Face Off, Weird Hardcore and Beat Your Head you may just wonder what you are getting into when you embark into the curious world of New Zealand singer-songwriter and producer Jonathan Bree, but new worlds are there to be explored and if this is uncharted territory for you ( like it is me) then I urge you investigate further!

Jonathan Bree’s passion for music began at the age of 10 when his cousin (who was the frontman of indie pop band The Nudie Suits) introduced him to the great sounds of the Modern Lovers.  From that moment on his love for music flourished and by the time he was 12 Bree was playing drums in his cousins band, The Plaster Saints.  In 1998 he co-founded the band, The Brunettes as well as co-creating Lil’ Chief Records in 2002 and continued to record with the Brunettes until he went solo in 2013.  With a large list of albums that extend over more than a decade, Jonathan isn’t a new artist at all, but for me he is a new discovery so the mini biography is as much for my benefit as for anyone else out there who has not heard of him yet!

 You’re So Cool is one of his more recent offerings taken from his forthcoming third solo album which scheduled to drop in February 2018.  The accompanying video is well worth a watch (see below) and is equipped with some slinky dance moves that you may just want to borrow when you’re boogieing  round the room to this…or you can just make up your own like I’m currently doing!!!

Not content to feature just one of Jonathan Bree’s tracks today, I couldn’t resist sneaking in a second!  Blur was released in 2015 and features on A Little Night Music …it’s such a treasure, I had to include this too! Watch both video’s below and listen to lots more Jonathan Bree here. 

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