SONG OF THE DAY Gavin Clark & Ted Barnes – When We Had Faces (live)

On the 16th of next month it will be the three years since the untimely death of Gavin Clark.

Ever since this beautiful artist emerged in 1997 I’ve been smitten by his captivating voice and exquisite songwriting.  He was an underrated artist and one of my all time favourites and for all those who were touched by his music, you will know exactly what I mean when I speak of this rare musical gem.

What prompted today’s offering was an alert that came up in a shop feed where I’ve been playing with the idea of purchasing Gavin Clark’s Beautiful Skeletons, a limited edition double LP, CD and DVD set…I’m still contemplating this purchase and can’t really justify the cost despite how much and how long I’ve wanted it…one day perhaps!

When We Had Faces appears on the soundtrack to Shane Meadow’s 2008 Somers Town Film and to make it even more special I’ve found this live performance with Gavin Clark and Ted Barns performing the song in the Berners Street Studios.  Watch it above and check out all of my other Gavin Clark posts here 


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