SONG OF THE DAY Shopping – Control Yourself

It’s fair to say that the releases of East London’s DIY post-punkers, Shopping, are slightly sporadic, but it’s also fair to enthuse that when they do put something out there it’s always loaded with socially insightful content and big, bass-y, bouncy, get-in-your-head tunes!

The London trio emerged in 2013 with their audacious single In Other Words, closely followed by their debut album Consumer Complaints which was released via their own Milk Records label.  Two years later (and this time signed to Fat Cat) the band returned with second album Why Choose, which coincided with the records first single Why Waita song inspired by the instant gratification of the internet age we live in.

At the end of December 2017 Shopping released third album, The Official Body, which sees the band dig deeper into the politics, power complexes and content criticism that defined their first two records.  For power, punch and oomph it matches its previous two predecessors, delivering 10 new tracks that are brimming with sharp-cut guitars, stomping bass lines and energised drums.  Control Yourself has got well and truly stuck in my head right now and I can’t get that sinuous bass line out of my mind…so I’m passing it on, you too can have this track looping about in your head if you listen above!

The Official Body is available now on FatCat Records and was produced by Edwyn Collins. Grab your copy here! 

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