SONG OF THE DAY Kevin Morby & Waxahatchee – Farewell Transmission

morby-waxahatcheeKevin Morby could sing the weather forecast and I’m pretty sure he would still have the same calming and serene effect on me! It’s just what he does and I always know where to turn when I need a bit of downtime..

For his latest project Kevin Morby has once again teamed up with Waxahatchee  to cover two songs by the late Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co).  First track Farewell Transmission comes from Songs: Ohia’s The Magnolia Electric Co and The Dark Don’t Hide It comes from Magnolia Electric Co’s What Comes After the Blues.  Together they have transformed both songs into duets, creating some gorgeous harmonies together in the chorus of the latter. Kevin Morby has this to say of the project:

My love for Jason Molina began only a few years ago. I had overlooked him for years, too overwhelmed by his many monikers and sprawling catalogue. Then on a European tour in 2016 our driver put on Magnolia Electric Company and my mind was blown – and so began my obsession with the man and his music. A few months after hearing him I was on tour with Waxahatchee where Katie and I bonded over our mutual love for Molina, and we got the idea to record two of our favorite Songs: Ohia songs – which is what you have here today; Farewell Transmission b/w The Dark Don’t Hide It.

These were recorded in Upstate New York with my live band at my drummer’s studio, The Chicken Shack, with both Katie and I splitting vocals duties. We would record all day, eating eggs from all the chickens running around, taking breaks to read old articles and watch live footage of Jason and his band. He’s a true inspiration and there’s no other songwriter or vocalist quite like him. We are deeply honored to be able to sing his songs, and we do hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating them. The cover art was done by William Schaff, who is responsible for the iconic Magnolia Electric Co. album art. All proceeds of the digital sales will go to MusiCares® – an organization that provides support and community services to musicians in need of medical, personal & financial assistance – and also helped Jason in his struggle with addiction, as well as paid to have a polyp removed from my vocal chords in 2014. A truly wonderful cause.”

Peace and Happy New Year,
Kevin Morby, 2018

The two songs are out as a digital single now.  Check out Farewell Transmission above and listen to the lovely original below:

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