SONG OF THE DAY The Music Machine – Hey Joe

Following on from yesterday’s post where I promised I’d cover the sample that Edan used in Making Planets, here we have it!

There have been many versions of Hey Joe over the years, all performed by hundreds of different artists with various different stories behind who wrote it.  Tim Rose claimed it to be a traditional song, but American songwriter Billy Roberts registered it for copyright in the US in 1962 and with many more diverse credits and claims to its ownership, there is still confusion about the song’s authorship!

The earliest known commercial recording of the song is the late-1965 single by the LA garage band the Leaves, but the best known version is the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s 1966 recording which we all know and love very much!  Today’s rendition is definitely one of my favourite versions by far and the band behind this are LA’s, The Music Machine.

Fronted by songwriter and lead vocalist Sean Bonniwell, the band are known for their dark, rebellious image and untamed musical approach.  Bonniwell’s vocals are distinct, gruff and throaty, defined and punctuated by distorted guitar lines, trippy organ parts and acid-rock vibes.  As we speak I’m playing The Music Machine’s debut album, (Turn On) The Music Machine and can definitely recommend this as a listen!

Although they only briefly managed to attain national chart success with two singles, the Music Machine is today considered by many critics to be a one of the groundbreaking acts of the 1960’s. Their style is now recognised as a pioneering force in proto-punk and yet within a relatively short period of time, they began to employ more complex lyrical and instrumental arrangements that went beyond the typical garage band format.  Released as a single in 1968 and featuring on their debut album, The Music Machine’s version of Hey Joe is superb, I love the sultry feel and how Sean Bonniwell’s vocals never cease to give me shivers, sooooo good!!! Check it out above…


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