SONG OF THE DAY Patti Jo – Make Me Believe in You

Ok, so I’m straying into the realms of disco for today’s song and this is all thanks to blackbeltjonez and his burnt toast radio show (which I’ve spent the day catching up on).  Not a genre I’ve explored extensively its fair to say, but the funk element to this particular track is what really enticed me in.

Make Me Believe In You was first released in 1973 by Nashville-teen, Patti Jo after she was discovered by Curtis Mayfield a year earlier in 1972! By that time Mayfield had left the Impressions to embark on his solo career as well as managing his label Curtom Records, which he started up in 1968 with Impressions manager Eddie Thomas (the label’s name was a combination of Mayfield’s first name and Thomas’ last name).  Although discovered by Curtis Mayfield it remains unknown as to why he didn’t sign Jo directly to Curtom.  Instead Patti Jo ended up recording with New York’s Scepter and its subsidiary, Wand.

Jo’s first single, Ain’t No Love Lost was released in 1972, but it was today’s song that brought her ultimate recognition, which comes as no surprise if you listen the soulful string arrangement, punchy beats and striking vocals.  Make Me Believe In You was written and produced by Curtis Mayfield who went on to release his own version of the song in 1973 (see below).  Check out Patti Jo’s original take above.

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