SONG OF THE DAY Paddy Hanna – Ida

Well, this one nearly slipped through the net, but luckily I held out a bit longer and listened to more!  I came across today’s song whilst working my way through a music feed and although my first reaction was to fast forward past it, something urged me stop, wait and listen; what unfolded was totally refreshing!

a1724556589_10Paddy Hanna is a Dublin-based singer-songwriter who emerged 4 years ago with a fresh indie-pop, alternative sound.  With his second album due tomorrow, Frankly, I Mutate promises to be a more mellow record compared to his 2014 debut, Leafy Stiletto and features a brand new orchestral element courtesy of the Trinity Orchestra, with contributions from members of Girl Band, Saint Sister, Tandem Felix, Cian Nugent and the Cosmos!  Ahead of its release tomorrow, Paddy Hanna has today streamed the whole album which is now available on his Soundcloud page.

His latest single Ida is warm, weird and welcoming and sounds like…well that’s just it, it sounds really different and I like that and can’t help but think of Morrissey and Roxy Music when I listen to this track..but I only know Ida so far so I’m off to check out the rest of the record…mind you I’ve just listened to Spanish Smoke and that’s an intriguing one!

Frankly, I Mutate is out tomorrow via Strange Brew Records (great logo by the way!) and can be purchased from here.  Listen to the plush delights of Ida above.

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