SONG OF THE DAY Sam Moss – Slow

Sam Moss’ debut album has been pencilled in my diary for some time, but now the wait is over and Neon was released on Friday.  

With a style that is defined by his distinct guitar playing, Sam Moss’ sound is shaped by delicate finger-picked chords and vocals that soar with such powerful grace.

Talking about the songs on the new album Sam Moss explained how: “I wrote many of them in and around Somerville, Massachusetts, where I live, and some in further away places, where I was out, looking back toward home. They come from the sensation of home. The feeling of rootedness. I eventually took them to friends who each gave them something more. Justine Bowe (Photocomfort), Benjamin Burns (Honeysuckle), Daniel Radin (The Novel Ideas), Michael Siegel, and Rachel Sumner (Twisted Pine). Thanks to them these songs have been turned into something entirely different. I find joy in them. Some might qualify as ‘sad’ songs but I do not hear them that way. I hope they offer a spectrum of feeling. I hope they give off a small amount of light. There are already many ways to spend a half hour and putting on ‘Neon’ is yet another. I invite you to try it if you want to.”

Grab your copy of Neon from here and listen to the glorious sounds of Slow above (with a live version of the track I’ve found below:

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