SONG OF THE DAY David Coleman With The Hector Rivera Orchestra ‎– Drown My Heart

Today’s delicious slice of soul is served with a generous helping of Latin groove, adding a touch of the exotic to this already tender, tasty track.

Originally released in 1966 on Old Town Records subsidiary label, Barry!, Drown My Heart has just been reissued by Edinburgh’s Athens of the North, accompanied by My Foolish Heart as the b-side.

Drown My Heart was written by the legendary band leader, Hector Rivera who arranged music for many recording artists in the 60’s, including Ray Barretto, Machito and Tito Puente.  Blending Latin dance-pop with contemporary soul-funk and jazz, Rivera also released several LP’s himself and today’s song can be found on his 1966 At The Party album.  Drown My Heart features the vocals of David Coleman and if you’re lucky enough to stumble across an original copy of this rare 45, you may just find willing buyers ready to part with £250 smakeroonies for it!! Listen above and purchase the track from here.  


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