Track Premiere: SONG OF THE DAY CADE – Feed

The music of Toronto, Ontario-based singer-songwriter Kaiya Cade possesses bewitching powers, for her sound is spellbinding and her voice  bears otherworldly qualities.  Her vocals are refined and delicate, expressed with depth and maturity, drifting in like a divine apparition as they float weightlessly amidst fine layers of woven, picked guitar.

Performing as part of the quintet, CADE, Kaiya is the lead vocalist/guitarist and composer of the dream-folk outfit and creates ethereal and haunting sonic landscapes by combining synthetic sound with the acoustic instrumentation of piano, guitar, strings, sound bowls and percussion.

The striking thing about this music and the detail that I instantly appreciated, is the grace of Kaiya’s delivery; seamless and gentle, yet notably powerful.  Next month CADE is to release a new 10-track album and for this they have teamed up with UK’s Fox Food Records.  The self-titled record was recorded at Toronto West Sound, Carl Lennox Studio, The Trailer & at CADE’s home and is to be released on Limited Edition Cassette alongside a digital download.

Today, the Listening Post Blog is premiering a brand new song from CADE’s forthcoming album entitled, Feed.  Pivoting around the opening line, “one more time he said,” the track unfurl’s with mystery and longing; whilst layering’s of willowy vocals weave effortlessly into interlacing threads of picked guitar.  This is another fine offering from the young Canadian artist and promises alluring, good things to come from next month’s album.

Releasing on April 4th, you can pre-order your copy of CADE’s record from here and discover more about Kaiya on her webpage here. 

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