SONG OF THE DAY The Buttertones – Gravedigging

The Buttertones are a LA band consisting of Richard Araiza (guitarist/singer) Dakota Böttcher (guitarist/singer) Sean Redman (bassist ((also a former member of Cherry Glazerr)) and Modesto ‘Cobi’ Cobiån (drummer/polyinstrumentalist).

Arriving in the winter of 2012 in a haze of psychedelic fuzzed-out garage rock, the beach-rock outfit specialise in reviving the supersonic sounds of the 50’s and 60’s.  Their sound is authentic, utterly distinguishable and as time has gone by, has evolved into a wild beast!!

Take last years album for example; I’ve only had chance to listen to Gravedigging a couple of times as I purchased it only recently, but is crazy! Crazy in a fantastically frenzied and berserk, lose-your-mind kind of way!  Following the band from their early and more laid-back, doo-wap inspired works (see all my previous Buttertones posts here), I love the highly charged contrast in their more recent releases.

Gravedigging was released in March 2017 via Innovative Leisure and was recorded in Jazzcats studio in LongBeach (home-away-from-home to fellow Innovative Leisure artists, Hanni El Khatib, Tijuana Panthers, Wall of Death and more).  The album, described as ‘deeper and dirtier,’ consists of 11 tracks and each one is a corker! So if you’ve not heard the Gravedigging yet, I think you should!  The records title track begins with a fast paced saxophone section and sound how you would imagine Madness to sound after a large dose of speed and acid!  When the vocals begin, the tempo changes and a heavy bassline marks the transition as all becomes slinky and the vocals flow smoothly from deep and velvety into high and soaring…but it isn’t long before the craziness starts again!! Check out the superb video above!

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