SONG OF THE DAY Ayuune Sule – How to get There 

Today’s song is a proper little ray of sunshine!…this is feel good music!

Ayuune Ayirizeme Suley, a.k.a Ayuune Suley, is best known by his fans simply as Sule. Born on 16th March, 1979 to a popular business man called Baba Ayirizeme and a pito brewer, Asibi, Sule learned to play in his mothers pito bar.  Today he is one of the great kologo players of Ghana and part of the world-famous King Ayisoba Band.

Together with King Ayisoba, Guy One, Atongo Zimba and Sambo, Ayuune Suley represents the generation that broke kologo music outside of the North East Region of Ghana. In Europe Ayuune Sule is known as a member of King Ayisoba’s band as well as being a solo artist who often opens up for his shows.  In 2015 Suley released his 7″ single with the songs What A Man Can Do A Woman Can Do More Better and Who Knows Tomorrow (watch him perform this live in the video below!) on Makkum Records (MR12).  It was this release that put his name out into the western scenes.

Tomorrow Ayuune Suley is to release a new album entitled We Have One Destiny which blends modern and traditional sounds, pushing hybrid sounds of Ghana with songs about daily life, struggles, equality, happiness, spiritualism and injustice.  How to get There is the song that led me to Suley’s music and though I’ve yet to listen to the whole album, it’s on my list of things to do in the near future!…  Say Yine Ma is sounding pretty magic though…(I’ve started on the album already!!)

We Have One Destiny releases tomorrow on Makkum Records and can also be heard in its entirety and purchased from Ayuune Sule’s Bandcamp page here. 

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