SONG OF THE DAY Of Empires – Waist Up In Gold

If you aren’t already familiar with the Brighton-based band, Of Empires, one listen to their latest single would most probably fool you into thinking that you had leapt back in time to the hazy, psychedelic realms of the golden era of garage-punk…but, hold your time machines, for this song was released only two weeks ago!!

Guernsey born retro-rockers Of Empires are a 4-piece band that now reside in Brighton. Consisting of George Le Page on drums, Matthew Berry on guitar, Jack Fletcher on vocals and Liam Bewey on bass, the band have just completed a mini-tour of the UK as well as releasing their new single, Waist Up In Gold/Gunslinger (which follows last year’s See You With The Angels Kid EP.)

Speaking of Waist Up In Gold, singer Jack Fletcher explained how the song was about ‘losing yourself in the darkness’ and subsequently ‘finding waves of happiness and gold’ as you let go.  The title of the song goes back to an experience Fletcher had 10 years ago whilst swimming in the sea in his home town.  Whilst ‘waist deep’ in the water, the sea suddenly turned phosphorescent gold as he suddenly found himself surrounded by plankton!!!  The song leaps out in a frenzy of snarling guitars and rolling, thunderous drums as vocals melodically howl over a stampede of surging surf-rock.  This sound reminds me of The Echo Oh’s and The Mystery Lights and, from what I can gather so far (I only came across Oh Empires tonight), finds the band in a more psychedelic, experimental territory!

Listen to Waist Up In Gold above and purchase your copy of the single (released 9/3/18 on Idle Times Records) from here.


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