SONG OF THE DAY P.G. Six – The Fallen Leaves That Jewel the Ground

Perhaps I wouldn’t have been so transfixed by this track had it not appeared in Shane Meadows’ 2004 film Dead Man’s Shoes but, just as that film leaves a lasting impression, so does this song.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that I’m a Shane Meadows fan (not forgetting that he was also good friends/& often collaborated with one of my favourite artists, the late Gavin Clark), so when I turned over the channel last night and caught Dead Man’s Shoes halfway through, I watched it until the end.  Despite the fact that I’ve seen this film a few times now, it disturbs me no less, but Paddy Considine (who co-wrote the film!) is just so good!

So, going back to this song, now you know what has driven my choice, here is a little bit about the artist:  Patcick Gubler, a.k.a P.G. Six is a New York singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who started out in The Tower Recordings (a group of friends in upstate New York who began releasing their mysterious lo-fi bedroom folk in 1995 on a few different small labels).  Going solo at the beginning of 2000 and steering more towards a folk-based sound, Patcick Gubler released his debut album, Parlor Tricks and Porch Favourites in 2001..and this is where today’s song can be found.  The Fallen Leaves That Jewel the Ground is every bit as exquisite as the title denotes and its shimmering, silvery melody is both bewitching and evocative despite its sparse composition.  For me it possesses an ethereal, magical feel and has prompted me to investigate more of P.G. Six’s music because the little I’ve heard so far sounds really lovely!  Listen above.

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