SONG OF THE DAY Marissa Nadler – I’ll Always Be In Love With You

Marissa’s voice is one of the reasons I believe in angels”

I found this comment on Marissa Nadler’s Bandcamp page and couldn’t have put it better myself, so thank you Jeff Colwell, you took the words right out of my mouth!

With a new album on the horizon sometime this year, Marissa Nadler has just released a new collection of cover songs, all of which are home recordings, with each and every one a stunner!  Speaking of the new record on her Facebook page Marissa explains how:  “I added another volume of covers to hold y’all over for the new record.  There’s a couple recent ones and some super old ones that were only available on cdrs back in the day. I may add some more as I dig through on breaks. Tracklists for these may be living things.”

Today’s song falls into the ‘super old’ category and dates back nearly 90 years!  Composed in 1929 by Herman Ruby, Bud Green and Sam H. Stept, I’ll Always Be In Love With You has been covered by a multitude of artists over the years including (and this is only a small list), Jackie Wilson (1962), Art Lund  (1948), Fats Domino (1958), Brenda Lee (1962), T-Bone Walker (mid 80’s), Ella Fitzgerald & Bill Doggett (1962) and Rosemary June  (1958).  Marissa Nadler’s version is utterly gorgeous, completely different to any other rendition I’ve heard and, in my opinion, far superior.. Check it out above and see what you think.

Covers 2 was released yesterday and is now available to listen/purchase from here. 

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