SONG OF THE DAY The Plague – We Were Meant To Be

There’s a little bit of the Strangeloves, Night Time in today’s song, or maybe there’s a little of this song in the The Strangeloves Night Time (which was released one year earlier in 1965), but We Were Meant To Be is certainly the sunnier-sounding b-side to The Plagues 1966 hit, The Face Of Time (which, I hasten to add, is equally/if not more superb – see my post here)

Consisting of guitarist Donald Brown, singer/saxophonist Tom Horricks, bass player George Stevenson, keyboardist Joel Stapansky and drummer Lynn McEachern, The Plague were a Canadian quintet who emerged in the mid 60’s.  Recording only a couple of singles in their brief existence, today’s chipper little psych-gem was released on Canada’s Reo Records and proved to be one of the The Plague’s last 45’s as the band broke up soon after.  Lead singer Lyn McEachern went on to record a few singles as a solo artist and the other members of the band would keep playing together, but eventually rename themselves Lexington Avenue.  Listen above…

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