SONG OF THE DAY Raina Sokolov Gonzalez – Unarmed

Everything about this track is beautiful and the glorious thing is that I just knew from the first few seconds that something special was about to unfold….and it most definitely did!

Today’s exquisite track is the debut single from New York-based, alternative R&B/soul artist, Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez and tackles the battle between personal, social and political disconnect.  Unarmed is defined by rich jazz-flavours, vibrant piano and haunting synths, whilst striking vocals sculpt and shape the track, aided by flickering, feathery organic beats.  I’m bowled over by this and as far as I’m concerned Raina has struck gold with her first offering, it’s a stunner!  Listen above and watch the very captivating accompanying video below.

Unarmed was released on 23rd March and can be purchased from here.


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