SONG OF THE DAY Les Sympathics – A Min We Vo Nou We

Just over ten years ago Analog Africa ‘s label owner and avid vinyl collector, Samy Ben Redjeb took a trip to Cotonou, Benin in the hope of seeking out some new and interesting records.  What was unearthed when he arrived and began his search “cannot really be described in words,” Redjeb reports, and this first trip was then followed by eight more to that region alone.

Thirty months later and few thousand records on,  Analog Africa proudly presented their first 14-track African Scream Contest compilation which was released in 2008.  Ten years on and the unstoppable crate-digger Samy Ben Rejeb unveils a new treasure-trove of Vodoun-inspired Afrobeat heavy funk crossover greatness.  Right from the raw, blues-funk guitar fanfare which kicks off Les Sympathics’ pile-driving opener, it’s clear that African Scream Contest II is going to be every bit as joyous a voyage of discovery as its predecessor.

Releasing on the 18th of next month, you can check out the albums opening track above.


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