SONG OF THE DAY The Microphone Misfitz – Black Paranoia Feat. Fury

Six years ago Chicago’s Microphone Misfitz launched their Escape From Babylon series.  The 2nd volume  followed three years later in 2015 and in February this year came the third instalment: 15 more tracks digging even deeper into social and political issues.

This third addition tackles and explores darker themes, including black paranoia, superficial revolutions, declining standards in hip-hop, race relations and the general downturn in all that is good in this world!

Black Paranoia rides high on upbeat funk beats and an optimistic melody, as rhythmic lyrics explain:  “I’m under no delusion of grandeur or persecution, my struggle in itself equates the great wealth, people who don’t look like me or sell out, no doubt the paranoia will sprout all throughout”  Listen above and listen/purchase the whole album from here.

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