SONG OF THE DAY RF Shannon – Tooth Ache

Yesterday I endured an ordeal in a dentist chair that lasted for over 1.5 hours! I can safely say it was one of my worse dental experiences ever and I can imagine that you may be wondering why on earth I am sharing this seemingly random piece of information, but there is a link so bear with me!

Today’s song came up in a feed I was listening to yesterday, I liked the song before I even knew the title, but when I discovered the track was called Tooth Ache I did grin to myself marvelling at the timing of this chance find!

Shane Renfro, a.k.a RF Shannon, is a Texas-based country musician who emerged last year with his debut album,  Jaguar Palace.  Yesterday saw the arrival of follow-up record Trickster Blues which, unlike its predecessor, was laid down in a very short space of time as Shannon explained in a press release: “We kept a quick pace due to external circumstances via random or otherwise inevitable interruptions, so we learned to take what we could get. If a take was good, it was a keeper, we didn’t second guess it. In just four days we had demoed the majority of my new material and it just felt so right.’’

The album was demoed in four days in Marfa and recorded in two in Lockhart, Texas with the help of Jesse Woods and Will Patterson.  In essence the album captures the raw spirit in which it was recorded, going with a ‘seize the moment’ feeling and running with the good sound it created in what was only a few short takes.  Explaining the writing process, R.F Shannon also describes how, “The lyrics are about acknowledging consequences and saying “so what”, the reward is worth the risk, etc. It’s about feeling a pull, a calling, and dedicating to it hell or high water, whatever that may be. It’s the heart of it all.’’

True to its name, the record encourages lighthearted reflection and in doing so offers possibility and optimism through its dreamy sonic soundscapes.  On his Bandcamp page, R.F Shannon also details the meaning of the album’s title by explaining how:  “I think that’s what this record will always mean to me. That’s kind of the Trickster in a way. Many different facets, and much more than I can say in this context, but the name conjures a sort of pure whimsical mischief, a dose of raw wild impulse that reminds you to laugh at whatever it is that’s happening, or else its laughing at you. Either way, you end up with something to learn” 

I really like this album and the warm, hazy feeling that comes out of its eight mellow tracks.  First song Tooth Ache is such an easy listen, cool and soothing to the ears opening with the line ‘take it slow,’ which is just what you will want to do after you press play and let this album unfold..It has certainly worked its desert-drenched magic on me! I’m sold! Check out the song above and listen/purchase the rest of Trickster Blues from here.

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