SONG OF THE DAY RF Shannon – Hotevilla

If music had the power to physically teleport me to another place, I’d be feeling the scorching heat of the desert on my face by now, with endless vast blue skies unfolding before me…if only…  With RF Shannon’s Hotevilla you get the next best thing because this song, this 11 mesmerising minutes of smouldering song, really sucks you in until you can almost taste the sand particles sizzling on your tongue as you breathe deep this vast, desolate sound! It’s hypnotic escapism at its finest!!

Shane Renfro, a.k.a RF Shannon, is a Texas-based psych-americana musician who emerged last year with his debut album,  Jaguar Palace (check out his latest album here).  Today’s song appears on this record and after working my way through it recently (though drifting is probably a much more apt word), I am happy to have discovered not only a very gorgeous album, but a mellow place to escape to when all I want to do is be lost in the big wild wilderness….which is most days!!  So, surrender your senses to 11 minutes of big sonic soundscapes and enjoy Hotevilla above.

Listen/purchase Jaguar Palace from here

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