SONG OF THE DAY Field Maps – Cassavetes

Now, if I was to be approached by someone wanting to play me some ‘jangle-wave indie’ chances are I’d not be too phased by the prospect, so why is it I find myself sitting here tonight enjoying just that?  There’s no accounting for the way music catches you out, as you find yourself in a mood that welcomes something you would not usually raise an eyebrow to, but I am pleasantly surprised by the seemingly random welcome my ears have given today’s track!

Cassavetes is the second single from Melbourne indie artist, Daniel Moss – a.k.a Field Maps.  Released just under a week ago and following last year’s Action At A Distancethese songs mark a new chapter for Daniel Moss as he takes his evolving solo project into new realms, teaming up on stage with Nick Sowersby (Sunbeam Sound Machine), Sophie Treloar (Poppongene) and Rhys Grunden (Foreign/National).

Described as having a knack for pensive psychedelia and subtle earwormsI have experienced first hand just how his subtle lo-fi songwriting works its magic; it just gets under your skin so easily and I welcome such instant and impulsive reactions to music like this!

Set against the hypnotic and repeated beat of a snare drum (which somehow reminded me of a speedier version of Blur’s Sing), Cassavetes explores the ideas of conflicting desires with introspective questioning, whilst all the time pivoting around that simple-yet-effective driving beat and glistening melody…it’s just really likeable!..check it out for yourself above and if you like it and feel compelled to make a purchase, you can do that here. 

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