SONG OF THE DAY Al doum & the Faryds – Solchi

Expanding into just over 8 minutes of glorious psychedelic mysticism, Solchi really feels like a journey!  One that extends over pensive dusty lulls before expanding into the exotic terrains of misty mountain highs.  This track sounds like you’ve just tuned into an old movie but then, without even realising, you find yourself actually transported into the set and through the expansive melody you can smell and breathe the freedom as you roam into this mysterious journey…

Al Doum & Faryds  is an ensemble of 8 members, all with extensive experience in the world punk music underground.  Their experimental sound mixes Arabic and African music with the psychedelic using an array of ethnic instruments mixed with the effects of psychedelic voyage! Today’s track features on their most recent album, Spirit Rejoin and if you’re into today’s track, I strongly urge you to check out the whole album here. 

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