SONG OF THE DAY The Beginning Of The End – Fishman

Hailing from Nassau, Bahamas, The Beginning of the End were a funk group that formed in 1969. Consisting of three brothers Frank, Ray and Roy Munnings, the band were also joined by bass player, Fred Henfield and guitarist Livingston Colebrook.

Never fully exploring their full potential, the band’s recording career was relatively short-lived and after releasing just two albums throughout the 70’s, they sadly broke up.  Had it not been for their hit single, Funky Nassau, The Beginning of the End would’ve disappeared into obscurity, but with regular plays on movie soundtracks and in dance clubs around the world to this day, the song secured their place in funk history.

Fishman was first released as the b-side to the band’s 1972 Doin’ The Funky Do and has recently been reissued as a 3-track record on Strut Records.  The release includes  the original 45 cut of Fishman, alongside an eleven minute version of the track as well as the hit single, Funky Nassau.  The smooth charms of Fishman have really reeled me in today and if you have been hooked in too, check out the extended version and grab your copy of the record from here. 

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